The Ever Expanding Blog Post is a self-interview by a series of artists, makers and designers who ask themselves the same 4 questions and then pass the interview on to other creators they respect. A social media chain letter of sorts. Thank you Tara of Study NY of inviting me to analyze the mirrors in my mind and studio.

What am I working on?

I'm currently working on eating a banana while typing, but in more exciting news, I'm working on my next jewelry collection which will be due out early 2015 and aptly titled, Collection Four. Still working in the realm of ceramics with fiber jewelry, I'm honing in on all the possibilities that clay allows while experimenting with how that marries with different types of naturally dyed braids, yarns and cords. And I've expanded beyond just necklaces so for all those earring, bracelet and hair clip lovers, you're in luck.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Approaching jewelry from a different perspective by making unique alternatives to traditional jewelry. In my reality, that's using ceramics, natural dyes, various fibers including silk and cotton, without sacrificing style and expanding the definition of what jewelry can be.

Why do I create what I do?

I've loved accessories from a young age (think banana clips and bakelite bangles) and how they can transform an outfit. I also just enjoy the feeling of a necklace swinging on my neck or earrings dangling. While I have a penchant for statement jewelry, I had a hard time finding unique, but modern jewelry that wasn't metal focused (I have a metal sensitivity but only on my ears) so I began seeking ways to make it myself.

Once I began making jewelry more seriously, I decided that if I was going to contribute to the culture of "stuff" I want it to be environmentally sensitive and made with integrity. For me, that means that everything is made by myself or my small team in Brooklyn, that the materials are from a source I trust and supporting independent retailers that sell my jewelry.

How does my creative process work?

Nurture. Sketch. Explore. Refine. I have to admit the most gratifying part is exploring and making without boundaries, but then I usually need to reel myself in and figure out how I could reproduce 50 of the same thing myself. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I've passed this torch along to ceramist/artist Romy Northover of No. and knitter Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day. Be sure to check out their self-interviews August 4th on their blogs.