On the heels of the launch of Collection Five, I've dug up some behind the scenes photos of our shoot from this past April at Fort Tilden beach in Queens, New York. I've always loved Fort Tilden for its natural beauty and abandoned buildings and reminds me of the beaches in Northern Cali, even after Hurricane Sandy took away its beloved dunes. And it made for the most beautiful setting to shoot our new collection. Collection Five is the first collection to revisit some previous best-selling styles, but in new color ways that breathe new air into classic pieces. No need to reinvent the wheel, let's just make it better. But hey, there's still some new styles in there too.

A lot of the collection is naturally dyed using a japanese fermented pomegranate called kakishibui, that yields warm beiges to dark browns. Its commonly used in Japan to stain wood. And one of the most fascinating parts is that when left in the sunlight, it actually gets darker in color rather than lighter, which is common of natural dyes. With that said, I ran some tests and didn't notice the fibers getting darker with exposure to sunlight, but time will tell. But I like the idea of an ever-evolving piece of jewelry.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do. We'll be launching the lookbook tomorrow and some products will go up in the store as well.

Deepest thanks to my team and the mini van for making magic happen on that blustery wind chilled day. Champs till the end. 

Photography: BriAnne Wills // Model: Áine Campbell // Styling: Emily Theobald // Art Direction: Lily Piyathaisere // Makeup: Lisa Campos