The Vision

Gamma Folk is a line of statement jewelry and accessories that incorporate traditional techniques including natural dyeing, weaving, braiding and ceramics. Designer Lily Piyathaisere started it in 2012 as celebration of craft influenced by art, mysticism, pop culture and the Bauhaus. Created in Piyathaisere’s studio in Beacon, New York, each piece in the Gamma Folk line reflects the spirit of the past and present in its blend of organic materials and modern aesthetics.


Lily takes pride in making everything by hand in small batches. While this process takes time, it allows the pieces to be crafted with care and yields subtle variations that make each piece unique. Lily favors natural dyes as they provide an earthy, cohesive palette, and the dyes themselves are made from ethically-produced materials.

About Lily

Lily has her BFA in graphic design and continues to moonlight as a freelance designer. After college, she became interested in making jewelry and taught herself to work with the organic materials and dyes that have become central to the aesthetic of Gamma Folk. Lily grew up in northern California in the town of Petaluma and has lived in San Francisco, Long Beach, and Brooklyn. Currently she resides in Hudson Valley, New York.

What's Gamma Folk mean?

"Folk" comes from folk art, a major inspiration in Lily’s work. "Gamma" refers to high frequency brainwaves associated with clarity and insight, both of which Lily aims to bring to her designs and which she hopes her work will inspire in others.

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